Labrador Tower: A Beacon of Sustainable Design and Innovation


Labrador Tower office


SP Group's Labrador Tower is poised to become a landmark development, not just for its striking presence near Labrador Park MRT station and a nature reserve, but also for its pioneering approach to energy efficiency. This office-and-retail project is a showcase of cutting-edge green and digital energy technologies, designed to significantly reduce its environmental footprint while creating a comfortable and productive work environment for tenants.

The crown jewel of Labrador Tower's sustainability features is its intelligent air-conditioning system, anticipated to be 50% more energy-efficient than conventional systems. This remarkable feat is achieved through a three-pronged approach:

  • Underground Thermal Energy Storage: By leveraging a thermal storage tank located within the basement, Labrador Tower can capitalize on off-peak hours. During the night, when energy demand is lower, chilled water is generated by the chiller plant and stored in the tank. This cool reserve is then strategically utilized throughout the day to regulate building temperature, reducing the need for daytime cooling and its associated energy consumption. This approach is particularly well-suited for commercial buildings with significant daytime usage followed by evening vacancy.

  • Microclimate Control System with SP Group's Green Energy Tech:  This self-learning building intelligence system takes energy efficiency to the next level.  By integrating artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it continuously monitors and optimizes air-conditioning throughout the building. Sensors track factors like the number of occupants and weather conditions, while smart dampers adjust airflow accordingly. This ensures even cooling throughout the space while maximizing energy and operational efficiency. Predictive intelligence allows the system to anticipate future needs, further streamlining energy use.

  • Hybrid Active Chilled Beam System:  This innovative system eliminates the energy-intensive motors and fans of traditional air-conditioning.  Instead, chilled water produced by SP Group's design-patented chillers circulates directly through chilled beams embedded in the office ceilings.  These beams cool the air via a process of induction and forced convection, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

By implementing these groundbreaking technologies, Labrador Tower not only achieves the prestigious Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy certification but also sets a new standard for sustainable development in Singapore. 

This project demonstrates a blueprint for future mixed-use developments seeking to minimize their environmental impact and operational costs.  Labrador Tower stands as a testament to SP Group's commitment to a sustainable future, offering a glimpse into a world where innovation and efficiency go hand-in-hand with exceptional workplace experiences